Smoky Ginger Ale

We have combined our unique blend of signature gingers with smoked Applewood and subtle citrus to create a unique mixer that has been designed to enhance the finest whiskies and bourbons.

Ways to enjoy

Our 200ml range is the perfect size for a single serve, either to be added to a spirit, or to be enjoyed as a sophisticated long drink on its own.


Clear, rich and dark brown in appearance.
Earthy ginger balanced with fresh citrus and a rich smoky flavour.
Earthy ginger followed by robust smoky flavours, balanced with refreshing background notes of citrus. Not too sweet, well balanced and prominent smoky notes which linger on the palette.Using Pure Smoke technology we are able to achieve a clean tasting smoke flavour without the acridity and tar notes that one would typically associate with smoke flavours.
A smooth, silky texture created by the perfect carbonation.

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Frischer grüner Ingwer

Die Entdeckung des Ingwers der Elfenbeinküste war ein durchschlagender Moment für Charles und Tim. Anders als jeder andere Ingwer hat dieser eine unglaubliche Zitronengras-Frische in seinem Aroma, weil die Öle sofort nach der Ernte entzogen werden. Charles besuchte die Farmer an der Elfenbeinküste, die diesen einzigartigen Ingwer kultivieren und speziell für Fever-Tree destillieren. Lies mehr über Charles Story in dem letzten Abschnitt.

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Nigerianischer Ingwer

Der Ingwer aus Nigeria hat ein intensives Aroma und verleiht dadurch dem Ingwergeschmack Tiefe. Er ergänzt die frischen Zitrusnoten des günen Ingwers von der Elfenbeinküste und die reichen, schokoladigen Noten des indischen Ingwers.

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Kochi Ingwer

Einzigartig reichhaltiges und erdiges Aroma, fast schokoladenartig ergänzt dieser Ingwer die Geschmacksnoten des nigerianischen Ingwers und die frischen Zitrusnoten des grünen Ingwers von der Elfenbeinküste perfekt. Angebaut von einem kleinen spezialisierten Produzenten in der schönen Region Kochi in Indien. Charles und Tim haben kürzlich die Bauern besucht um mehr über deren Anbautechniken zu erfahren.

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Natural Sugar

Unlike most mixers and soft drinks on the market today which contain saccharine or aspartame, our products are sweetened with only natural sugars. In our regular products we use cane sugar and in our Naturally Light products we use fruit sugar. These natural sweeteners create a fuller mouth-feel with none of the cloying aftertastes associated with cheaper, artificial alternatives.

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Smoked Apple Wood Water

Apple Wood Smoked Water is a delicate, sweet and natural smoke profile without the common acridity of smoke tars. Apple Wood is quickly becoming in very popular smoke flavour due to the delicate and sweet notes of the fruit tree wood blending so well with smoke to deliver a beautiful and aromatic profile. The smoked water is 100% natural, can be declared as natural smoked Water and is tested to show these are no PAH's (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) detected in the smoked water. For more information please visit

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